The Institute for Systems Biology Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

You do not have to give us personal information to visit the website.

We keep logs of which web pages on the website servers have been accessed and when. This information includes the IP address, visit date and time, URL, User-Agent, and Referrer sent by the web browser or program accessing the website. These logs also include the usage statistics reported by RMBlast (see

If you submit sequences to the online RepeatMasker search service, those sequences and associated search results are stored on our servers. These sequences and search results are removed from the servers periodically.

If you send feedback on our feedback form, the entered name and email address will be shared with us. We may use this information to respond to your question.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics software to gather and temporarily store a variety of information about your visit. However, this information cannot be used to identify you as an individual.

We do not associate any of the data we collect with you as an individual. Instead, we aggregate this data from all visits in order to improve our website and provide a better user experience to our visitors. The data is available only to system administrators and retained only for as long as needed for analysis. The Google Analytics Privacy Policy is available at

Use of Information

We use web server logs for the purpose of ensuring the security and availability of the website and services, and to estimate and keep aggregate records of the usage of different pages, services, and files available for download.


We do not give, share, sell, or transfer the raw information we collect, unless required by law enforcement or statute. We may occasionally share aggregate statistics such as resource utilization with funding agencies and the public to demonstrate resource demand.

Institute for Systems Biology
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