The Institute for Systems Biology RepeatMasker - People Behind The Scenes

Current Lab

Dr. Arian Smit - Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology and author of the RepeatMasker program. Principal Investigator on the RepeatMasker NHGRI grant. He has studied the origin and evolution of interspersed repeats and the transposable elements that give rise to them since 1992. As one of the few experts in this field he has written the repetitive DNA sections of most if not all international consortium vertebrate genome analysis papers to date.

Robert Hubley - Software Engineer at the Institute for Systems Biology. Robert Hubley's research interests include nucleotide neutral substitution rates, de-novo repeat identification and classification, degenerate string matching, and peptide database searching using mass-spectrometry signatures. Robert setup and currently maintains the RepeatMasker compute cluster and it's related webservices.

Previous Lab Members

Dr. Gustavo Glusman - Research Scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology. Gustavo Glusman's research interests include the structure and evolution of complex genomes and multigene families. Gustavo applied computational genomics to pioneer the genome-wide analysis of olfactory receptors, the largest gene family in vertebrates, and contributed to the analysis of the human, mouse and fugu genomes. To support the analysis of large-scale, complex genomic data, Gustavo developed the GESTALT Workbench, a publicly available visualization tool.

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